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I love finding beauty in the ordinary. I’m drawn to pretty light & the connection shared between people in love. I'm inspired by music, nature & traveling to new places.


I filmed my first wedding in 2011 & instantly fell in love with it. I graduated with a Degree in Digital Filmmaking a few months later & moved back to Lloydminster where I started my own company: BR films. Since then, I've filmed almost 50 weddings & now have a husband, a dog & two sweet daughters. I've always dreamed of being a stay at home mom so I recently stepped away from work to pursue that dream. Teaming up with Kim is a great opportunity for me to balance motherhood & filmmaking. Kim is always inspiring me with his work so I am really excited to learn from him!


I’m captivated by video because it allows you to relive moments over & over again. It’s such an honour to document memories for couples to look back on for years to come. I love how you can use music, movement & sound to convey emotion & make people feel like they were there (even if they couldn’t make it to the wedding). My filming style is more documentary than posed. I like to capture things as they happen & try to be as unobtrusive as possible. 



My dream wedding would be an out of the box elopement (maybe on a mountain, near a waterfall, or in a forest). A few places I’m dreaming of traveling to are Iceland, Australia & California. I love when couples do their own thing & don’t feel the need to conform to what has always been done!
-Brittany Murphy

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